Hainan Airlines to Improve Efficiency

Hainan Airlines has recently initiated a project to improve the quality and efficiency of services, in a bid to catch up with international management standards.

The project, 6 Sigma - based on statistical data analysis - is a management tool which targets errors and eradicates them.

"If Hainan Airlines is able to achieve its goal of 6 Sigma, it will be able to reduce the cost of bad-quality goods and services to less than 1 percent of its turnover, and better serve its customers," said Li Weijian, a board member of the group.

He said 6 Sigma, which improves production efficiency, saves operation costs and raises customer satisfaction, has become a synonym to efficient management for international companies.

Li said the company plans to incorporate 6 Sigma and corporate culture before 2004.

Helped by General Electric, the group plans to carry out the project in four stages so that the advanced management concept can permeate its corporate culture till 2004, he said.

"Introduction of the management tool is expected to lay down a solid foundation for Hainan Airlines' further development in the new century," said Deputy Board Director Wang Jian on initiating the project.

(China Daily 09/17/2001)