Drama on Tibetan's Contributions to China's Unification

Phagsba, Tutor of Yuan Emperor, a drama on how Tibet became part of China's territory, was staged in Beijing for the first time Sunday.

It is China's first drama that depicts this historic event in the form of art, according to official sources.

The drama is performed by the provincial drama theater of Shanxi Province, in north China.

Phagsba, which means saint in Tibetan Language, is the fifth chief of the Sakya Sect of Lamaism and an outstanding statesman, thinker, writer and linguist.

When Phagsba was in power, China's South Song Dynasty (1127-1279) was on the brink of collapse, Tibet was facing a civil war and splitting, while the Mongolian tribes were trying to unite China. He decided to cease the war between Tibetans and Mongolians and set up good relations with Mongolians.

In 1260, Phagsba was named the Master of State with the title of "Dabao Fawang" in 1271 by Kublai Khan (1215-1294), the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368).

In 1271, Tibet officially became part of China's territory.

The Shanxi theater has spent two years and invested one million yuan in the drama.

(Xinhua News Agency 09/17/2001)

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