First Modern Dance Drama Coming on Stage

China's first modern ballroom-dance drama "Red Dance Skirt" will be performed in Poly Theatre on April 26 and 27. The drama will be jointly staged by the students of Beijing Dance Academy and Mr. Dirk Heidemann, a famous German director for song and dance dramas and former champion for Latin Dances.

The Social Musical Dance Department of Beijing Dance Academy will take charge of the arrangements. Theme dances will be given in the "Red Dance Skirt" drama. In Act One, Rumba, Samba, Cha Cha Cha will be performed for "Arabian Dreamland"; In Act Two, "Wild America" will be performed by Jive and Disco; Act Three features the dance steps of matador and Spanish ladies to show the yeasty "Journey of Spain" and the last act is to be presented to Josephine Baker, a famous French singer and the founder of the "Home of Rainbow" for her adoption of war orphans. Dancers wish to hail to the affectionate artist through the dance.

According to the report by Beijing Youth, 40 dancers including the professional 10 all-round champions and Latin Dance champions of National Ballroom Tournament, excellent performers of the first CCTV Dance Contest, and members of China National Sports Dance Star Team, etc, will participate in the dance drama.

(People’s Daily 04/24/2001)