Beijing regrets Taipei's decision

The Foreign Ministry expressed its regret yesterday over the decision by Chinese Taipei to not send its representative to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders' Meeting scheduled for today and tomorrow in Shanghai.

The spokesperson said that as the host of this year's APEC meetings, China welcomes the participation of all APEC members and has offered corresponding protocol and convenience to all members in accordance with the principle of equity and politeness.

"China has repeatedly expressed its welcome of Chinese Taipei to participate in the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting in Shanghai and other APEC activities and has issued invitations," the spokesperson said.

APEC's relevant memorandum of understanding provides explicit provisions on Chinese Taipei's candidate to the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting and that a practice has been formed over the previous meetings, the spokesperson said.

Chinese Taipei has failed to select a candidate that conforms to these provisions and practice. "We regret this," the spokesperson said.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Sun Yuxi also expressed strong dissatisfaction with the European Parliament (EP) for permitting "East Turkistan" (ET) activists to hold a seminar in its parliament building.

Sun said the EP, ignoring China's repeated objections, permitted some "ET" activists to hold the seminar in its building, thus providing a place for anti-China activities.

Sun pointed out that the "ET," a terrorist force whose aim is to split China, has committed, in close collusion with international terrorist organizations, many horrific terrorist attacks on China and its neighbouring countries, causing great casualties.

While the international community is strengthening cooperation against terrorism, Sun noted, the "ET" has continued to engage in activities which aim to split China in the name of human rights, democracy and safeguarding the rights of ethnic minorities.

Sun said that no matter how it changes its appearances, its terrorist nature cannot be changed, and the so-called "ET" seminar is nothing but a farce.

He stated that the EP insisted on providing a venue for this terrorist organization, which runs counter to the current international trend when the international community is strengthening cooperation in anti-terrorism.

(Xinhua News Agency 10/20/2001)

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