The Leaders' Casual Attire for APEC 2001

The long expected "Mystery of the Leaders' Wear" will finally become known when the APEC Economic Leaders are assembling in their attire in the morning of October 21, 2001. The attire consists of a tapestry satin jacket and an off-white silk shirt. The design retains the style of traditional Chinese garments while giving expression to features of modern wear. The making displays the best of Chinese tradition of fine hand workmanship and Chinese-style buttons. The special selected fabric feels soft and smooth as natural silk and green fibers are applied with green dying and finishing. The floral design presents a round flower pattern with peonies, Chinese famous flower, surrounding the four letters "APEC", symbolizing the best wishes of the Chinese people for a successful gathering of the APEC community in Shanghai, China.

According to Mr. Sun Weimin, Director of the Shanghai Preparatory Office for APEC 2001. It took nearly one year for the design, sample-selection and making of the attire, but the fierce bidding for the making garment began as early as the beginning of last year among a dozen of state-owned and private garment companies. The final design distinguished itself from over 40 other samples offered by the two garment companies.

In terms of colors, the host also provided such a large dazzling variety for the Leaders as red, wine red, green, blue, brown and black, etc. Eventually, the blue color won the favor from most of them.

The materialization of the final design draft began last July, which has been kept secret for nearly half a year. The making of the attire has been initiated based on the size of each individual APEC economic leader. To make sure that each leader has his or her suitable attire, two suits of it have been ready: one a finished piece, the other a semi-finished one subject to adjustment.

Upon the arrival of each economic leader in the golden season of October, the traditional Chinese garments have been presented to them. It is pleased to see that most of the garments have well fitted the Leaders. They have expressed their satisfaction for the attire carefully prepared by the host. Ms. Arroyo, President of the Philippines, has expressed her especial favor for the attire and asked for matched trousers.

(Xinhua News Agency 10/21/2001)

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