China's Nuclear Power Domestication onto a New Stage

The No.1 set of nuclear power generator, the 2nd phase project of Qinshan Nuclear Power Station entered successfully into an ordeal full-power operation on April 10, 2002 after a completion of 759 tests. April 17 saw it pass the 100-hour appraisal operation, the criteria for nuclear power set and for thermo-power set as well and was brought into commercial operation 47 days ahead of the schedule.

Following the operations of the first phase project of Qinshan and that of Dayawan Nuclear Power Stations, the second phase project of Qinshan is the first nuclear power station of China's own design and construction for commercial purposes. The designed installation capacity is two sets of pressurized water reactor of 600,000 kilowatts. The total construction period lasted 72 months with an investment of RMB 14.8 billion yuan (US$1.79 billion). The designed life-span of the power station is 40 years.

The regulated test and initial operational result of the set proved that the second phase project of Qinshan Nuclear Power Station was successful in design and of good quality. It sees a higher performance in technical safety and economic benefit that has reached the world standard for the design of nuclear power reactors, with part of its performances even nearing or up to the requirements of the world advanced countries for the future development of nuclear powers.

The second phase of Qinshan Nuclear Power Station has forcefully pushed forward the domestication for nuclear power equipment and facilities. Of the 55 large-sized key facilities, 47 have been made at home, a domestication rate of 55 percent in price. Through the construction of the project we've accumulated a whole set of experiences in the construction of nuclear power stations, ensuring a bigger rise in the ability for China to develop independently nuclear power in future.

The formal commercial operation of No. 1 set of power generator of the second phase project in Qinshan Nuclear Power Station indicates that China has already possessed full ability in designing, constructing, managing and operating nuclear power station of 600,000 kilowatts for commercial purposes. It is an indication to show that China has been up onto a new stage in the domestication of nuclear power equipment and facilities, thereby laying a solid foundation for China to design and construct by itself the nuclear power set with a capacity of a million kilowatts.

(People's Daily April 21, 2002)

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