New Flight Service to Operate from Lanzhou to Shenyang

A new flight is to open in north China Tuesday, December 12, from Lanzhou to Shenyang via Taiyuan, according to a source from China Northwest Airlines.

The new flight is available every Tuesday and Thursday. The BAe146-300 or A320 airplanes are to be used for the flight.

The planes will depart Lanzhou, capital of north Gansu Province at 8:50 am, and arrive in Taiyuan, capital of north Shanxi Province, at 10:25 am. After a 40 minute stop at the Taiyuan Airport, the planes will leave Taiyuan at 11:05 am and land in Shenyang, capital of northeast Liaoning Province, at 12:45 pm, the source said.

A return flight will then be made departing Shenyang at 13:25, stopping in Taiyuan at 15:15 and reaching Lanzhou at 17:45.

(People’s Daily 12/12/2000)