China to Draw up Yellow River Law

China is preparing to formulate a law on Yellow River to better protect and use its water resources.

Nine provinces and autonomous regions along the Yellow River have forwarded their proposals to the central government, urging the National People's Congress, China's legislature, to list the law on its legislation agenda as early as possible.

The Yellow River Water Conservancy Committee has set up a special group to draft the framework of the law and invited senior experts to make investigations in provinces along the river.

The law will outline principles for harnessing the river, the system and method of management as well as the function, status and obligations of institutions in charge of the river's management.

As the major source of water in northwest and north China, the Yellow River provides water to 50 large and medium-sized cities with 12 percent of China's total population.

Historically, the harnessing of Yellow River is of vital importance in maintaining social stability and prosperity.

( 12/24/2000)