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Cecilia Cheung: 'I'm a Common Girl'

Brief facts about Cecilia Cheung


English name: Cecilia Cheung


Chinese name: Zhang Baizhi


Cantonese name: Cheung Pak-chi


Birth date: May 25, 1980


Birthplace: Hong Kong


Height: 165 cm


Weight: 43 kg


Hobbies: swimming, tennis, squash


Favorite food: chocolate


Favorite color: red, white, black, purple, pink


Family: one elder sister, two younger brothers


The name Cecilia Cheung draws the media like a moth to a spotlight. Every tidbit about the 23-year-old Hong Kong actress' life or career hits the headlines of Chinese entertainment pages. The star of films such as The Lion Roars, The Legend of Zu, Cat and Mouse and 2003's Running on Karma has never lacked for publicity. Her childhood, her debut in the entertainment circle, her real or rumored loves, her family or friends and even a simple trip to the seaside becomes hot fodder for her fans.


Cecilia talked about the media attention, her health, fame and her plans for the future during a recent interview.


QI was asked by your assistant not to ask some sensitive questions just now. Do you mind such questions?


A: Not really. I can answer all sorts of questions. They love me and just want to protect me.


Q: Do you feel upset by the outside comments and evaluations?


A: Previously I would. I was distressed by groundless news and gossip. But now I'm not. What I care now is my own feeling as I'm the only person who best knows myself. I feel OK if I think I've done the right thing.


Q: Why is there so much news about you?


A: I just want to ask the same question. Maybe it is because I became famous at a young age and gained support from a lot of people. Then things happened to me continuously. Besides, I'm upright by nature and hate to lie.


Q: Didn't you learn to compromise as you've been famous for such a long time?


A: In fact, I've never comprised but I'm growing up. Still I'm unwilling to lie and choose not to answer questions which make me feel uncomfortable.


Q: What is the most important thing to you now?


A: It is health -- physical and mental health. Working at staying in a good mood and not being too nervous about work. I've cut back on socializing and nightly entertainment and now rest at home after work. This is crucial to my physical health. And my heart and soul will relax if I have a healthy body.


QDid you think health is so important previously?


AI was young when I started my performance career. I always hung out late because I felt like it was a waste of time to stay at home. Now I realize that I'm nothing without my health and a promising future.


Q: Have you visited Anita Mui (Mei Yanfang) frequently since she announced she has cancer?


A: I visited her on her birthday. She was in a good mood, not that low-spirited as you might imagine. Though we don't see each other frequently, I always pray for her in my heart. I hope she can overcome it.


Now she has many friends surrounding her. People and the media showed concern by not pressuring her very much. She is always a strong woman in my heart.


Q: What kind of woman do you see yourself?


A: Me? I'm an ordinary, common and self-centered girl.


Q: How do you define "self-centered?"


A: To be self-centered is to be myself. I can live happily and be brave in proceeding with my life and career only when I understand myself.


Q: Do you have any special plans for the future?


A: I planned too much before. I planned to fall in love at 26, get married at 28 and have children before 30. Now I will not set the milestones for myself. I will just let these things happen naturally. I think I will experience the true happiness this way.


(Shenzhen Daily October 30, 2003)

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