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Death by Legal Injection: a Court Fosters Change

School Accidents: Who Can Be Blamed?

Revised Laws to Safeguard Rights

Gestational Surrogacy Banned in China

Income Tax Reform a Hot Topic

Farmers to Take New Role in Law-making

China to Draft Law on Private Schools

Privacy Key in Marriage Rule Revision

New Elements in the Revised Marriage Law

Securities Law Under Scrutiny

Welfare Law to Guard Benefits

Telecom Draft Law on the Right Tracks

Public Opinion Helps Make Better Laws

Legislative Motions Considered

More Changes Made to Joint Venture Law

Legislators Calls for AIDS-Prevention Law

Law Assures Fight Against Torture in China

Marriage Law Attracts Public Attention

Draft Stresses Prevention of Diseases

Vetoing a Court Report - Milestone in the Democratic Process

Property Rights Law Expected to Award Those Returning What They Find

Virtual Love Relations Challenge Marriage Law Expert

New Law Looks After Babysitters

First Net Security Law Endorsed

Legislators to Legalize Environmental Assessment

Media Law "Very Important"

Laws to Be Revised to Hail Creativity

Raising Fares: Solution to Problems Facing Civil Aviation?

New Law to Guide Fisheries Industry

Legislation: Maturing Through Debate

Expert on Revision of the Marriage Law

More Laws to Ensure Better Environment

Legislation on Protection of Cultural Heritages Urged

Law to Improve Speaking and Writing

China Massively Cuts Restrictions on Foreign Investors

Economic Laws Need to Match WTO Rules

Laws Pave Way for WTO Entry

Top Judge Urges Trial Efficiency

WTO Rules to Take Precedence Over Chinese Laws

Human Rights Convention Consistent With China's Laws

No Leeway for Bigamists: Chinese Legislators

Civil Case Trial System Reformed for WTO Entry

Experts Call for AIDs Law

Top Lawmaker on Judicial Reform

Law to Make Home Warmer

Tightening Net to Find Web Offenders

Transparency in Decision-Making Process Enhanced

Environmental Protection Stressed in Revising Fishery Law

Drastic Overhaul Planned for Current Marriage Law

Extradition Law to Be Revised

China Amends Laws on Foreign Investment

New Patent Law Unveiled

Seawater Desaliation Urgently Needed to Develop

Law on Contribution of Remains to Be Issued

Issues in Focus for New Marriage Law

Notary Law Expected to Be Adopted Before 2002

What of the Marriage Law Should Be Amended

Marriage Law Revision Undergoing Heated Discussion

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