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China Publishes Encyclopedia on Shanxi Province

A comprehensive encyclopedia of north China's Shanxi Province was published by the Zhonghua Book Company recently.

The encyclopedia, containing 8.1 million Chinese characters and 5,000 color pictures, and is the first large reference book which offers the province's history, culture and social development of ancient times as well the reforms and economic development over the past two decades and more.

Shanxi Encyclopedia is composed of three volumes, with the first about the general picture of the province, the second about its cities and counties and the third about major industrial businesses, villages and tourist attractions.

Shanxi is named after its location to the west of the Taihang Mountains. This region was one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation.

In ancient times, the state of Jin rose from Shanxi's fertile soil. For this reason, the region has also been given the name "Jin".

Shanxi links the economically-developing eastern regions with the under-developed midwestern regions.

It is endowed with the richest natural resources in China, with reserves of coal, bauxite refractory clay, iron ore, alumina, pearlite and gallium.

In addition, Shanxi has rich tourist resources, including Wutai Mountain, which is a sacred Buddhist peak, the Yungang Grottoes at Datong, and the waterfalls at Hukou.

Since the reform and opening program was launched in 1978, and especially during the 1990s, the province's transportation, telecommunications and other urban infrastructure facilities have been greatly improved and developed.

(Xinnhua News Agency March 16, 2002)

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