Vinegar Culture Museum Opens in Shanxi

The first vinegar culture museum of China, the Shanxi Vinegar Culture Museum, opened in the“Vinegar Capital”of Qingxu this July, where“Vinegar Capital Square”was also built,according to latest issue of Beijing Review.

The Shanxi Vinegar Culture Museum, located on the bank of East Lake, is the symbol of the Qingxu County and also called Cultural Origin Building. At a height of almost 50 meters, the nine-story building resembles a huge golden tortoise carrying a building. Its shape symbolizes the rapid development of local economy and emergence of local talents. In the exhibition hall are historical materials and more than 200 vinegar-making appliances are on display. The exhibition shows the history of vinegar development and the advancement of Shanxi's vinegar industry.

Close to the museum is the Vinegar Capital Square, the first square in Qingxu County. Covering 12,400 square meters and built at a cost of 3.18 million yuan, the square is a center of leisure and culture. It features local folklore and statues, a flag, parking spaces, green areas and lighting. It covers an area of 7,600 square meters, with an additional 4,800 square meters of lawn.

(Beijing Review 08/24/2001)