Shandong Tourism Features City Squares

People in this scenic capital of eastern province of Shandong agree that the most attractive site is the Spring Square, which hosts about 100,000 visitors daily.

Costing 1.3 billion yuan (US$157 million) and covering 17 hectares, the Spring Square is located in the downtown center and designed for recreational purpose, including green zones, fountains, a creek, a bridge, a sculpture corridor, shopping areas and parking places.

In Qingdao, a scenic port city in east Shandong, the May Fourth Square features a group of beautiful sculptures. "The square is a fine example of integration of environmental arts, sculptures and city planning," Qian Shaowu, Chinese famous sculptor, commented.

The local government of Tai'an City, where splendid Mount Taishan is situated, relocated hotels and shops along the passage to the Mount and built a large square, which makes the city and the Mount more in harmony than before, local people said.

The mountain was added to the World Heritage List of culture and nature sites by UNESCO in 1987.

Statistics show that a total of 150 squares have been built in the province's 17 big cities, with most being set up during the past five years.

These squares have been indispensable scenery of Shandong cities, Liu Yuanqi, an architect, said. "They symbolize the cities' soul and implicate its rich history," he added.

Some cities in the province have opened new tourist routes featuring square visits, according to a provincial tourism official.

( 04/23/2001)