Hotel Auctions Rosewood Items

The five-star Jinjiang Hotel, whose executives believe its rosewood furniture from the Republic of China period (1911-49) is no longer appropriate for a "modern hotel," yesterday auctioned off 61 pieces.

The furniture, treasured by many collectors, generated 325,000 Yuan (US$39,157) - 66 percent higher than the opening bids on the items.

An old rosewood bed went for the highest price, 68,000 Yuan.

A total of 108 pieces of furniture - teapoys, chairs, tables, beds and a commode - were up for sale.

The hotel, which opened 50 years ago, held its first auction of its rosewood furniture on April 7. Forty-one of 52 pieces were sold.

It had accumulated more than 1,700 pieces of rose-wood furniture from the 1911-49 period.

Hotel officials said only two of the best of each type of furniture have been retained for display purposes.

Wu Ming, who bought two teapoys for 300 Yuan, said the price was very attractive. He will place the teapoys in his parlor, he said.

Chen Yongzhong, an auctioneer with Guotai Auction Corp, said:

"Those with novel designs were sold at incredible prices. Furniture for parlor use is more popular than those used in bedrooms. But this time the furniture quality was not as good as the first auction."

( 05/28/2001)