More Lighted Streets to Adorn City's Night Scene

More streets will be lighted at night as officials say they want Shanghai to be known as a picturesque city that also offers nighttime shopping along major streets.

Cai Hongsheng, vice director of the city Commercial Commission, said that during the next three months, 373 stores on eight major streets, including Wujiang Road Snack Street in Jing'an District, will be urged to place night lights in their windows or ground-floor entrances.

Last year, six downtown shopping streets and areas began keeping their lights on throughout the night.

Storeowners that keep their lights on at night will be given a 50 percent discount for night use, Cai said.

A commission survey done earlier this year found that stores get about 50 percent of their sales from purchases at night.

( 06/05/2001)