A TV Travel Channel Wanted

Up to now, there have been many dazzling programs appearing on the Chinese television screen, such as a movie channel, amusement channels and sports channels, etc. This, however, makes a great many travel-lovers feel disappointed.

With the improvement of living standards, an increasing number of people want to travel and see the world around them, offering a prosperous future for the sector. Those who can open a travel channel at the proper time will certainly come to the fore in the ensuing competition.

First, the channel can arouse widespread public interest by displaying the beautiful landscape on offer in China and in the outside world. Secondly, the TV travel guides can introduce more of the problems that need attention and best tour lines for travelers. Thirdly, travel experts can directly offer guidance on places of cultural and historical interest, which will help travelers make up their minds where to go. Generally, the travel channel will benefit both the operators and the audience.

Besides, the travel channel will also create an advertising domino effect through good cooperation with travel agencies and departments concerned, creating much instant social benefit and economic results.

(www.china.org.cn 06/06/2001)