Overseas Study Travel Popular in Beijing

Nowadays the overseas study is in the ascendant in China. With this, one kind of travel that will help the tourists to warm up and learn abroad appear stealthily.

It is reported that the short-term overseas study travel is very popular in Beijing. Many parents come to the travel agencies with their children to consult or even reserve then and there. Some of the parents express that the study travel is conducive to brush up the children's oral English. Some others say that they have taken their children to many different places within China and they want their children to go abroad to see more.

With the improvement of the living standard, parents all expect their children to experience and see more abroad. Tourists can study during their traveling course, which severs tow purples at once. Certainly, much more parents come to consult in the travel agencies than to reserve. For the quoted price is over 18,000 yuan for each person, which is beyond the common families' capacity to bear.

It is learned normally the duration of the study travel is 12 days, including 20 hours studying with local students. The children tourists will mainly visit the scenic spots in Australia together with local teachers who are in charge of their activities

(china.org.cn 06/12/2001)