Anti-Cult Exhibition Attracts Over 10,000 Visitors Daily

Yang Huijun, a member of the General Staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, asked his 6- year-old boy, "Baby, do you know what a cult is?"

The boy, standing in the exhibition hall of the Military Museum, raised his fatty hand, pointing to a picture on the wall and said, "Yes, daddy, the cult is a wolf wearing a sheep's skin. It always cheats people."

The picture is shocking by sight, with several Falun Gong cult people burning themselves.

This is one of the thousands of pictures in the exhibition aimed at revealing the devil nature of the cult and increasing the discretion ability of the people.

Although the temperature reached 37 degrees Celsius, many people came to the exhibition, the second day since the opening.

"Over 10,000 people attended the opening ceremony and viewed the exhibition Sunday. We estimate that the 15-day exhibition will attract some 200,000 people," according to Zhangye, who works for the Publicity Department of Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee.

Not only people from the central government, but also many tourists came here to learn a lesson.

"I planned to tour in the Summer Palace before I saw the news about the exhibition, then I changed my mind," said Zhang Shujuan, a visitor from Tangshan in Hebei Province.

She said that the exhibition, with its overall description and abundant pictures, deepened her understanding of the cult.

"After visiting the exhibition, I now believe that the cult all over the world is harmful to people. It advocates the worship to the head, who bilks money from the believers and causes trouble for them," said Han Zhongqiang, a person who serves in the army.

"There are more than 5,000 cult organizations in the world. It is a universal determination to fight against them and maintain the social stability," according to Chen Guohai, a student with Beijing University.

People within scientific circles also expressed their indignation after visiting the exhibition.

An old scientist said, "It makes people sad that in the days when human beings travel around in space and enjoy sophisticated scientific materials, some people still believe that the end of the world is to come very soon."

He said that it is high time to educate people with science in order to get rid of the fatuous thoughts.

(People's Daily 07/17/2001)

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