Grand Peking Opera Theater to Be Built

According to the China Peking Opera Theater (CPOT), a grand Peking opera theater that can hold 1,200 people has been proposed. The design blueprint is ready for approval from the department concerned, according to the latest Beijing Review.

The 100,000 square meter theater will be located at the intersection of Ping ‘an Avenue and the Western Second Ring Road. The total investment is expected to reach 800 million yuan.

Photos, sculptures, relieves, costumes and props used by famous artists will be exhibited in the theater. Zhao Shucheng, CPOT deputy director who is in charge of construction, says the theater, which also will serve as a museum for Peking opera, will be China ’s best theatre.

The theater ‘s designer, Yang Guopu with the Architecture School of Tsinghua University, says he has fully considered the uniqueness of the art of Peking opera in his design. For example, the accompanying band will be located beside the stage, whereas in a regular theater the orchestra pit would be in front of the main stage.

Wu Jiang, director of CPOT, said although the project would cost 800 million yuan, none of it would be from the State.“We will raise funds through market operations,” he said, adding that it will be a valuable attempt at revitalizing the cultural sector by market means.

Transit is very convenient where the theater will be located, with subways and public buses. The theater will elevate the cultural atmosphere of the neighborhood, thus contributing to increasing the value of the surrounding office buildings.

(Xinhua 07/17/2001)