Beijing Star-Grade Hotels to Reach 800 By 2008

The star-grade hotels in Beijing are expected to reach 800 by 2008, with 130,000 guest-rooms, which can fully satisfy the accommodation demands of the 2008 Olympic games, Yu Changjiang, director general of the Beijing Tourism Administration said yesterday, reported today.

So far, Beijing has 392 star-grade hotels with 80,000 guest-rooms, of which 20 are five-star hotels and 34 belong to the four-star grade with 26,561 guest-rooms in total. Most of the hotels are located in the main street of the downtown area with the nearest only one kilometer away from the main venue of the Olympic games and the farthest 30 minutes travel by bus.

Most of the hotels were built in the 1980s or 1990s with advanced management and service standards, and many are joint venture hotels managed by the top-standard hotel groups in the world.

More than 70 star-grade hotels will conduct the reception activities during the 2008 Olympic games, Yu said.

( 07/18/2001)

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