Air Ticket System to Convenience Passengers

The General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC), a watchdog for the country's aviation industry, announced that a Global Distribution System (GDS) for ticket sales had been established to provide all-round ticket services to consumers.

Air travelers in China can now easily get air tickets to any airport in the world by just a phone or Internet call through the GDS, which connects ticket sales systems with more than 400 airlines around the world.

Launched in 1999, China's GDS was put into a trial operation this year. The whole system is scheduled to start formal operations next year, according to Tuesday's China Daily.

Developed by the Travelsky Technology Company, the GDS project experienced quite a healthy development in recent years, said the paper.

Most domestic air carriers are said to have been involved in investment in the GDS projects. And through the system, domestic airlines can expect to easily sell their tickets to passengers around the world for relatively low prices.

( Xinhua News Agency January 15, 2002 )