Summer Vacation Boosts Train Tourist Lines

More people prefer to travel by train in the coming summer vacation as the increase margin for airfares hasn't been decided yet, reported today.

The tourist lines by train has been popular so far with more teachers preparing to enjoy a 8-10 days of tour by train.As the eight-day air tourist line to Kunming is likely to increase to 3,690 yuan (US$444.6)this year,up 590 yuan from a year before,travelers preferred to go by train,with the ten day charges to Kunming and Shangrila reaching only 2,380 yuan.The five-day Beijing tour by air has increase to 1,990 yuan so far,up 400 yuan from a year before,while the eight-day tour to Beijing and Chengde by train only reached 1,590 yuan,so many parents planned to choose the tour by train together with their children,according to the Spring and Autumn International Travel Services.

The increase margin for airfares to the popular tourist lines will be set no earlier than next week with no bright future is predicted for the tourist lines by air in the summer holiday,according to an industry analyst.Travel agencies can previously get at least 50 percent off for the airfares for chartering a flight while they are predicted to get no more than 50percent discount this year,the analyst.So the increase margin for airfares in the coming summer holiday is predicted to rise by at least 10percent,the analyst said.

( June 11, 2002)