'Indirect Flight' Launched Between Shanghai and Taipei

Two dozen Taiwan compatriots from Shanghai were reported 14:00 Monday taking Dragonair KA805 en route to Taipei by way of Hong Kong.

In contrast to the past, the passengers, having been relieved of the trouble to alight themselves halfway, merely had a transient stopover aboard the same plane at Hong Kong before reaching their destination Taipei.

By 'indirect flight' as agreed upon, a mere change of flight number other than the passenger plane itself has been made. Passengers are provided with every convenience aboard the flight with a stopover at Hong Kong according to agreements inked by Hong Hong based Dragonair with other concerned parties.

According to plan. Dragonair is going to launch two 'indirect' flights a day from Shanghai via Hong Kong to Taipei.

The flights are arranged: 14:20, KA805 takes off from Shanghai Hongiao, then after a 70-minute stopover at Hong Kong, to link up with KA482 and be at destination Taipei by 19:30. At 18:05, KA891 takes off from Shanghai Hongqiao and after an 80-minute stopover at Hong Kong to link up with KA488 to arrive at Taipei by 23:20.

On return route, KA489 from Taipei to Hong Kong and KA804 from Hong Kong to Shanghai Hongqiao have been arranged as a 'through flight'. The plane takes off at 8 am from Taipei, reaching Hong Kong 9:35, then again it takes off 10:45from Hong Kong and gets to Shanghai at 13:15.

( People's Daily July 23, 2002)

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