Visiting Factories: New Mode of Tourism in Shanghai

A new mode of tourism has flourished in Shanghai: visiting famous and large-scale local factories.

Yangshupu Waterworks -- Shanghai's oldest waterworks opened to visitors on March 10, and several thousand residents registered to visit in only one week's time.

After drinking water directly from the taps, they wondered at the good water quality of Shanghai.

Over 10,000 Shanghai residents visited the Shanghai Sharp Co., Ltd., which was opened to visitors last year. They visited assembly lines for washing machines, air conditioners, and refrigerators, and also met with Sharp's staff to have further understanding of the company.

Baoshan Iron and Steel has attracted over 100,000 domestic and overseas tourists in the past two years.

Travel agencies and factories in Shanghai have opened over 10 travel routes concerning state-owned enterprises and foreign invested enterprises.

As the largest industrial city in China, Shanghai has an abundance of modern enterprise resource. The 130 year-old Shanghai Shipyard is one of China's modern factories, and its museum, with over 1 million words of written record and over 3,000 pictures, has outlined the development of China's ship building industry and even the whole modern industry.

Experts pointed out that visiting factories can promote the popularity of Shanghai enterprises as well as add to the knowledge of its visitors.

(People’s Daily 03/21/2001)