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Belief and Courage Required for Development of Sino-US Ties

President Jiang Zemin said that a steady development of China-US relations requires "firm belief and courage" of leaders and governments of both countries.

Jiang made the remark in a meeting with US President Bill Clinton on the sideline of the 8th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) informal leadership meeting on November 16 in Bandar Seri Bagewan.

No matter what difficulties existed in past relations between the two countries, he said, leaders should have the courage to face the challenge and remove all disturbances so as to take firm hold on the main course of bilateral ties.

Jiang appreciated the efforts made by President Clinton in improving and developing China-US ties and hoped that he would continue to care and support its development.

"Eight years ago when we first met in Seattle, we proposed making efforts to bring a stable and healthy China-US relationship into the 21st century," he said.

Now China-US ties are stepping forward with important and positive progress following various challenges in the past years, he said.

The growth of such ties demonstrate that a healthy and stable cooperative relationship between China and the United States, two powers with great influence on the rest of the world, is in the interests of both peoples and the world, Jiang added.

Clinton also extended his gratitude to Jiang for his cooperation during the past eight years, saying that whenever a difficult situation emerged, both of them have stood up to overcome it.

A strong, stable and prosperous China that plays an active role in Asia and the world is of great significance to the United States, he added.

Clinton, who will leave the White House early next year, said he is satisfied that the two powers have come closer within his tenure and wishes that the two nations will have a relationship of cooperation instead of conflict and containment in the future.

All differences can not be avoided, but they can be ironed out through dialogue, Clinton said.

The two heads of state also talked about China's accession to the World Trade Organization and other issues of common concern.

(People's Daily 11/17/2000)

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