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Guqin and Xiao Performances Warmly Welcomed in Sweden
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Chinese artists Deng Hong and Chen Shasha have given excellent performances of Guqin or Qin, Xiao and Xun instruments in Stockholm Musical Museum and other places in Sweden. They are warmly welcomed by the Swedish audience.

Guqin or Qin is also called Yaoqin or Yuqin with seven strings. It has become popular since the Confucius period in the Spring Time which began in 476 B.C or about 3, 000 years ago. It is one of the oldest instruments and also well kept one in Chinese music history and thus also listed as the World Heritage by UNESCO.

With the support of the Chinese Embassy in Sweden and the publisher Bonniers Company and the Music Museum in Stockholm, Professor Cecilia Lindqvist who studied Qin in China in the 1960s has invited Deng Hong and Chen Shasha to have a week long tour concert during August 15-22 around Sweden including Eskilstuna, Gothenburg, Uppsala and other places in Stockholm. Due to the extra number of audience, Musical Museum has to arrange another concert on Wednesday.

Professor Lindqvist has written a book titled Qin in Swedish introducing the old and yet popular Chinese musical instrument to the Swedish people. She says it's a good opportunity to invite Deng Hong and Chen Shasha to perform in Sweden. She has always been overwhelmed by the beauty of Qin music.

"The sincerity, the deep sincere feelings that promote, the deep feeling from nature and how to be together with other people and friendship, all these things, the sincerity and the deep philosophy are the essence of the Qin music."

She has explained in Swedish to the audience about all the music played by Deng Hong with Qin instrument and Chen Shasha with Xiao and Xun instruments. The programs include Gaoshanliushui or Flowing water around high mountains, Meihuasannong or Plum blossom , Pingshaluoyan or Wild goose on the sand and Jiukuang or a drunk man.

She also told the audience about the moving story between Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi in the Spring and Warring time which began in 476 B.C. Yu Boya was a musician and he happened to meet Zhong Ziqi.

Whatever Yu Boya played, Zhong Ziqi could understand very well and so they became real friends even like brothers. They decided to meet again the next year. But unfortunately Zhong Ziqi died before they could meet. Yu Boya played at Zhong's graveyard for the last time and crashed his Qin. He decided never to play the Qin any more to show his deep friendship with Zhong Ziqi and how difficult to meet an understanding friend.

It was the first time for Deng Hong to come to Sweden to play Qin and she felt very glad that she could show the Swedish audience about the beautiful Chinese instrument and music. She is from China National Orchestra.

"I heard this was the first time that Guqin is played in Sweden. So I feel honored to be the first artist to play Qin here. Since Qin was listed in the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 2003, there is a revival of the craze about Qin. Many people like to learn to play it and many Qin schools have been established all over China. " said Deng Hong.

Maj Burell is one of the audiences attending the concert.

"I have heard it in CD and followed the CD with the book by Professor Lindqvist. It went into my heart directly. The fantastic book makes it even more interesting to know the story about where they are from and the way they are played and try to get the emotions which are deep in the music."

About the performance, Burell says she will listen to it again and again.

"It's such a fantastic music and the player also shows facial emotions and deep impression. Looking at her performance, sometimes I even forget to listen. I will listen to the record again immediately when I go home."

Meanwhile, Deng Hong and Chen Shasha also donated a Qin note book to the Music Museum in Stockholm.

(People's Daily Online August 21, 2007)

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