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Despite claims that the world has become desensitized to violence in Africa, the sheer scale of bloodshed, poverty and human rights violations in Darfur stand out, grasping the attention of the world. The future of the region hangs in the balance as the UN, African Union and the Sudanese government vie to impose their will. Join to gain insight into this hotspot of world news.
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Pressure, sanctions not helpful for resolving Darfur issue
A visiting senior Chinese diplomat said in London on Thursday that pressure and sanctions would not be helpful for the resolution of the Darfur issue.
- Linking Olympics with Darfur issue opposed
- UN warns of reduced food supply to Darfur
- AU-UN force facing challenges in Darfur
- UN Chief's Rational Attitude Helps Enhance Role in Darfur
- UN Chief: Darfur Peace Talks to Resume Soon
- UN Chief Kicks off Historic Visit to Sudan
- UN Chief to Visit Darfur with 3-part Strategy
- AU Urges UN to Finance Hybrid Operation in Darfur
China's Effort More
China has done 'a great deal' for solving Darfur issue
A visiting senior Chinese diplomat said in London on Thursday that China had done a great deal in order to solve the Darfur issue.
- China makes unremitting efforts to resolve Darfur crisis
- China opposes threat against its peacekeepers in Darfur
- China contributes to push for peace in Sudan's Darfur
- Envoy: Darfur talks 'new start' to boost peace process
- Suspension of Darfur peace talks 'not cause for pessimism'
- China to help resolve Darfur issue
- China delivers aid to Darfur
- Special envoy for Darfur arrives in Sudan
Annan Peace Plan

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan put forwarded a three-phase support plan aimed at deploying a combination of African Union (AU) and UN peacekeeping force in the Darfur region. The AU, the United Nations and the Sudanese government agreed on the Annan peace plan in their meeting in Addis Ababa on Nov. 16 last year.

According to the plan, the United Nations would provide military equipments, increase gradually its logistic, technical and human power support for the 7800-strong African peacekeeping force in Darfur until a joint UN-AU force which will have 17,000 troops and 3,000 police officers is formed.

With the first phase of the plan, also known as a "light support package," already underway, Sudan announced on April 16 that it approved the inauguration of the second phase, also known as "the heavy support phase."

The second phase involves the deployment of 3,000 UN troops and six attack helicopters in Darfur to support the 7,800-strong African force, as well as preparation for the next phase, in which a much larger UN force would be sent to the region.

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