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Energy law to focus on unified management

Severe Drought Likely to Last into Spring

Lack of Funding Causes Dilemma for Nature Reserves

South China Tiger Could Be Extinct

UNCCC: China Slashes Greenhouse Gases

China Calls for Deadline for Post-Kyoto Talks

Official Claims Beijing Is Not An 'Acid Rain Zone'

Severe Drought in E and S China

Shrinkage of Glaciers in West China Continues

'Green Autos' to Get Recognition

China Warns Investors of New Environmental Controls

Panda Baby Boom, 28 Healthy Cubs in One Year

UN Report Lauds Development Effort

Zeng Calls for 'Green Initiatives' in Mining

City Warms to a Cleaner Heating System

Rare Gibbons Found in SW China

Endangered White Cranes Appear in Inner Mongolia

Heavy Oil to Lighten Energy Load

Temperature to Rise in China

Guangzhou Prosecutes Restaurateurs for Serving up Wild Animals

Beijing's Largest Garbage Treatment Plant Under Construction

Severe Drought Plaguing Guangxi

Government Plans for Electronic Garbage

China's Green Contribution 'Ignored by Media'

Environment Situation at 'Critical Point'

Beijing Explores Underground Space to Ease Ground Congestion

Bioenergy Get Boosted to Reduce Oil Dependency

37% of Chinese Land Suffers from Soil Erosion

Halting Coal Liquefaction Investment

China to Contribute to World's Sustainable Development

Shark Warning Sparks Debate Among Chefs

China Takes Steps to Cut CO2 Emissions

Flowers in Full Bloom in Shanghai

Experts: Upgrade Environment Watchdog

2,000 Fight Forest Fire in Anhui

Forestry Industry to Earn 1.2 Trillion Yuan in 2010

Warm Winter Wear…That Works!

Beijing's Power and Water Consumption Drops

1/10 of China's Arable Land Polluted

Beijing Cleans River Neighboring Olympic Park

Capital to Cut Energy Consumption

Thousands Without Drinking Water as Severe Droughts Hits E. China

Temperatures in N. China to Drop by 8-12 Degrees

Zoo Feeds Ducks to Hungry Big Cats

SEPA Hails 6 Companies

Endangered Siberian Tiger Cub Sighted in North China

WWF Hails Jilin Officials for Hunting Ban

First Nuclear Power Plant on Yangtze to Be Built

Leaders Mark 60 Years of Efforts to Tame the Yellow River

Huaihe River Flood Control Project Completed

China Pumps Up Use of Desalinated Water

Severe Drought Continues in Shandong

Water Shortage Problem More Protruding in Future

Howling Winds Hit Beijing

Inner Mongolia Quake…1,300 Leave Homes

State of Yellow River on the Decline

China to Raise Green Bar to Meet EU Mark

Typhoon Cimaron Weakens into Tropical Storm

China's Largest Salt Lake Swells

Big Basin Found to Store Yellow River's Mud

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