Pagoda Forests
Yinshan Pagoda Forest at Changping of Beijing
Pagoda Forest at Lingyan Temple in Changqing of Shandong Province
Pagoda Forest at Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng of Henan Province
Tang Dynasty Tomb Pagodas at Fawang Temple in Dengfeng of Henan Province
One Hundred Eight Dagobas at Qingtongxia in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region
Multistorey Pagodas
Multi-eaved Pagodas
Pavilion-style Pagodas
Ornamental Pagodas
Inverted-bowl-style Lamaist Dagobas
Pagodas on Vajrasanas
Pagodas Across Streets and Pagoda Gateways
Box-shaped Pagodas for Keeping Buddhist Sutras
Ancient Pagodas of Other Styles
Pagoda Forests
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