Pagodas on Vajrasanas
Vajrasana Pagoda at Zhenjue Temple of Beijing
Qingjinghuayu Pagoda in Beijing
Miaogao Dagoba near Beijing
Pagoda on Vajrasana at Biyun Temple in Beijing
Dagoba on Vajrasana at Yuanzhao Temple in Wutai of Shanxi Province
Sarira Pagoda on Vajrasana at Cideng Temple in Hohhot of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
Gold Dagoba on Vajrasana in Nanjing Museum of Jiangsu Province
Multiple Pagodas on One Pedestal at Guangde Temple in Xiangyang of Hubei Province
Five Lamaist Dastobas on the Brick Hall at Wannian Temple on Mount Emei of Sichuan Province
Vajrasana Dagoba in Pengxian County of Sichuan Province
Vajrasana Dagobas in Guandu near Kunming of Yunnan Province
Multistorey Pagodas
Multi-eaved Pagodas
Pavilion-style Pagodas
Ornamental Pagodas
Inverted-bowl-style Lamaist Dagobas
Pagodas on Vajrasanas
Pagodas Across Streets and Pagoda Gateways
Box-shaped Pagodas for Keeping Buddhist Sutras
Ancient Pagodas of Other Styles
Pagoda Forests
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