Multi-eaved Pagodas
Pagoda of old Man Wansong at Xisi of Beijing
Tianning Temple Pagoda in Beijing
Cishou Temple Pagoda at Balizhuang of Beijing
Divine Light Temple Sarira Pagoda at Badachu of Beijing
Huazanghai Stone Pagoda on Jade Spring Hill in Beijing
Randeng Pagoda in Tongxian County of Beijing
Tomb Pagoda of Monk Jingwan in Fangshan District of Beijing
Bailin Temple Pagoda in Zhaoxian County of Hebei Province
Kaiyuan Temple Pagoda in Zhengding County of Hebei Province
Chengling Pagoda at Linji Temple in Zhengding County of Hebei Province
Yuanying Pagoda in Changli County of Hebei Province
Yuanjue Temple Pagoda in Hunyuan County of Shanxi Province
White Pagoda at Ningcheng of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
The Small Pagoda at Ningcheng of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
The South Pagoda in Bairin Left Banner of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
Zhenheshang Pagoda on Mount Qian of Liaoning Province
Jiafu Temple Pagoda in Yixian County of Liaoning Province
Twin Pagodas at Chongxing Temple in Beizhen County of Liaoning Province
White Pagoda in Liaoyang of Liaoning Province
Yunjie Temple Pagoda on Phoenix Hill in Chaoyang of Liaoning Province
The South and North Pagodas in Chaoyang of Liaouing Province
White Pagoda at Baitayu in Xingcheng of Liaoning Province
Sarira Pagoda on Qixia Hill in Nanjing of Jiangsu Province
Stone Pagoda at Xiling Seal Engravers' Society in Hangzhou of Zhejiang Province
Minor Longhu Pagoda in Licheng of Shandong Province
Songyue Temple Pagoda in Dengfeng of Henan Province
Fawang Temple Pagoda in Dengfeng of Henan Province
Qiyun Pagoda in Luoyang of Henan Province
Qizu Pagoda at Fengxue Temple in Ruzhou of Henan Province
Tianning Temple Pagoda in Anyang of Henan Province
Baoguang Temple Pagoda in Xindu of Sichuan Province
Zhengjue Temple Pagoda in Pengxian County of Sichuan Province
Sakya Buddha Pagoda at Shita Temple in Qionglai of Sichuan Province
Jiuzhou White Pagoda in Yibin of Sichuan Province
Lingbao Pagoda in Leshan of Sichuan Province
West and East Temple Pagodas in Kunming of Yunnan Province
Qianxun Pagoda at Chongsheng Temple in Dali of Yunnan Province
Shegu Pagoda at Fotu Temple in Dali of Yunnan Province
Panfu Pagoda in Tonghai of Yunnan Province
Chongwen Pagoda in Jianshui of Yunnan Province
Small Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an of Shaanxi Province
Shan Dao Pagoda at Xiangji Temple in Chang'an County of Shaanxi Province
Sarira Pagoda at Xianyou Temple in Zhouzhi of Shaanxi Province
Multistorey Pagodas
Multi-eaved Pagodas
Pavilion-style Pagodas
Ornamental Pagodas
Inverted-bowl-style Lamaist Dagobas
Pagodas on Vajrasanas
Pagodas Across Streets and Pagoda Gateways
Box-shaped Pagodas for Keeping Buddhist Sutras
Ancient Pagodas of Other Styles
Pagoda Forests
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