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Vice President Hu Jintao attended a grand reception commemorating the 30th anniversary of the normalization of Sino-Japanese relations which was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing Sept. 28, 2002.
An exhibition to mark the 30th anniversary of the normalization of Sino-Japanese ties was unveiled at the Memorial Hall of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression in Beijing on Sept. 28, 2002.
Former Japanese PM Tomiichi Murayama’s inscription displayed at the Memorial Hall of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression that reads as “Lessons learned from the past can serve as a guide for the future.”
Chemical shells uncovered by a team sent by the Japanese government to excavate and retrieve chemical weapons left by Japanese invaders in Sunwu county, Heilongjiang Province from Sept. 5 to 27, 2002.
30th Anniversary of Normalization
of Sino-Japanese Ties
Partnership of Friendship and Co-op
Bilateral Trade to Hit US$100b
More Japanese Investment to Enter Service Sector
Former Japanese PM Reiterates Importance of Reflecting on History
China-Japan Ties Benefit Both
FTA Ploy Hides Separatist Aims
A Right Approach to History Needed
Japan's Standards for Imported Vegetables Discriminating
No Small Contribution Had China Made to World Anti-fascist War
Japanese PM's Foreign Policies: Analysis
Hiroshima Hits 'Pax Americana' at A-bomb Memorial
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Japanese False News Slanders China
Right-wingers Afraid of Museum's Truth
China's Fast Growth Poses No Threat: Former Japanese PM
Uncovering Conspiracy Behind Shenyang Incident
Chinese First Placer Studying in Japan: Survey
'Theory of Threat' Is Groundless, Erroneous: Analysis
Building Lasting Sino-Japanese Friendship
Scholar Sees New Trends in Sino-Japanese Relations
Japanese, Chinese Economy Combined to Overtake US in 20 Years
Global Times: Identities of Five Intruders Into Japanese Consulate Exposed
What's Japan up to in Playing up Matters Concerning Consulate Intrusion Incident?
Inside Story, Consulate Intrusion Premeditated: Japanese Media
Experts Propose Trade Liberalization, Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia
China's Rapid Progress to Create More Opportunities, Not Threat
Koizumi’s Second Visit to Yasukuni Shrine: An Analysis
Another Japanese Textbook Distorts History, Experts Say
Li Peng Interviewed by Japanese Journalists
No Denial of Japan's Past Aggression in China
Devaluation of Japanese Yen Aims to Deal with China's WTO Entry
Forced Chinese Laborers in Japan More Than 40,000
Auto Imports from Japan to Perk up
Japan’s Yen Policy Criticized
Japanese Yen's Devaluation Hurts Neighbors: Experts

30-Year China-Japan Relations

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