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Yasukuni Shrine that commemorates war dead, including Class A war criminals who were hanged after WWII.
Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands have long been the inherent territory of China.
Japanese flowering cherry.
Map of Japan.
30th Anniversary of Normalization
of Sino-Japanese Ties
Bilateral Political Relations
Economic Cooperation
Scientific & Technological Exchange and Cooperation
Cultural Exchange
Military Exchange & Cooperation
Important Bilateral Agreements
Consulate Intrusion Incident 'Well Solved'
Spokesman Denies Report About China-Japan 'Consensus' on Consulate Intruders
China Refutes Allegations on Consulate Intrusion
Chinese Embassy to Japan Reveals Intrusion Investigation Result
Vice Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing Summoned Japanese Ambassador over Japanese Prime Minister's Shrine Visit (21/04/2002)
Remaining Questions in China-Japan Relations

30-Year China-Japan Relations

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