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Bilateral Relations

1. Bilateral Political Relations

China established diplomatic relations with Mexico on February 14, 1972. On October 5, 1971, Mexican President Echeverria pointed out in his speech at the 26th session of the UN General Assembly that "China's sovereignty and territorial integrity are legally inseparable". After the resolution of the resumption of China's legal status in the UN was adopted by the session, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico immediately issued a communiqué recognizing the People's Republic of China as the "sole legal representative" of China. On November 16, the Mexican government declared the severing of diplomatic relations with Taiwan. On February 14, 1972, China and Mexico issued a Joint Communiqué on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the People's Republic of China and the United States of Mexico. Since then, Sino-Mexican relations have been developing smoothly. In recent years in particular, high-level exchange of visits has been frequent and the areas of cooperation continue to expand. In 1993 a political consultation mechanism was established between the two foreign ministries of China and Mexico. Up to now five rounds of consultations have been held since the launch of this mechanism in 1996.

China and Mexico share a lot of common views in international affairs and have conducted fruitful cooperation in multilateral institutions. During the sessions of Human Rights Commission of the UN, Mexico has supported China's stand through abstaining from voting. Mexican Government has on a number of occasions reiterated its stand of one China and not developing official relations with Taiwan. In September 2001, China and Mexico signed a bilateral agreement on China entering WTO. At the 56th Session of WHO conference in May 2003, Mexican representative took the floor to support China's stand on the issue related with Taiwan.

Visits to Mexico: Chinese Premier (Oct. 1981); President Yang Shangkun (May 1990); State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qian Qichen (Mar. 1993); Vice-Premier Zhu Rongji (May 1993); Premier Li Peng (Oct. 1995); Member of the Political Bureau Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee Hu Jintao (Jan. 1997); President Jiang Zemin (Nov. 1997); Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan (Sept. 2000); and State Councilor Ismail Amat (May 2001).

Visits to China: All successive Mexican Presidents have visited China since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. They are Echeverria (April 1973), Lopez Portillo (Oct. 1978), De la Madrid (Dec. 1986), Salinas (Nov. 1993), Zedillo (Nov. 1996) and Fox (June 2001). In June 2002, Foreign Minister Castaneda visited China.

2. Bilateral Economic and Trade Relations, Economic and Technological Cooperation

Mexico is China's second largest trading partner in Latin America. In 2002, bilateral trade volume reached US$3.97 billion, of which China's export amounted to US$2.86 billion and import to US$1.11 billion, a year-on-year increase of 60% and 46.5% respectively. Mexico has become China's largest export market in Latin America. Main items of China's export to Mexico include electromechanical equipment, household appliances, textiles, chemical and high-tech products. China imports synthetic fibers, steel products, raw cotton, plastics, electromechanical equipment and hi-tech products.

In September 2001, China and Mexico reached a bilateral agreement on China's accession to WTO. Mexico committed that after six years of China's accession to WTO, it would waive anti-dumping measures contrary to relevant WTO regulations.

Economic and technological cooperation between China and Mexico began in 1980s. At present, China has 12 companies registered in Mexico with contracted investment approaching US$200 million and actual investment of US$110 million. Mexico-invested projects in China have surpassed 40, with actual investment of US$6 million.

3. Exchanges and Cooperation in Cultural, Scientific and Technological, and Educational Fields

Sino-Mexican scientific and technological cooperation involves physics, chemistry, mathematics, disasters reduction and earthquake prevention, industry, agriculture, communications and transportation, energy and construction. Four meetings of the Joint Scientific and Technological Cooperation Committee have been held and more than one hundred projects have been specified for implementation.

Mexico is one of the countries in Latin America that has most cultural exchanges with China. In September 2000, a large-scale cultural relic exhibition "China in Monarchal Period: Xi'an Dynasties" was held in dozens of states and cities in Mexico. In 2001, the Exhibition of Mayan Civilization was held in Guangzhou, Xi'an, Beijing, and Shanghai.

In November 1973, Mexican President Echeverria offered 20 scholarships to China on his own initiative. Since 1978 when the two governments signed an agreement on cultural cooperation, seven meetings of the Joint Cultural and Educational Committee have been held. In 1999 the two sides held the seventh meeting of the Joint Committee and signed the Executive Plan on Cultural and Educational Cooperation for 2000-2002. Up to 2001, China had sent 366 students and 23 person-time teachers to Mexico and accepted 186 students and 13 teachers from Mexico.

4. Important Bilateral Agreements

Trade Agreement (April 22, 1973)

Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement (Sept. 9, 1975)

Cultural Cooperation Agreement (Oct. 27, 1978)

Tourism Cooperation Agreement (Oct. 27, 1978)

Maritime Transport Cooperation Agreement (July 18, 1984)

Consular Treaty (Dec. 7, 1986)

Socio-economic Planning Cooperation Agreement (Dec. 7, 1986)

Social Security Cooperation Agreement (Oct. 29, 1990)

Agreement on Establishment of Political Consultation Mechanism between Foreign Ministries of the Two Countries (Dec. 17, 1993)

Agreement on Cooperation between Chinese Ministry of Chemical Industry and Mexican Ministry of Energy and Minerals (Dec. 17,1993)

Rural Development Cooperation Agreement (Dec. 17, 1993)

Memorandum of Understanding on Fishery Industry Cooperation between Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Mexican Ministry of Fishing Industry (Dec. 17, 1993)

Agreement on Mutually Preferential Credit between Bank of China and Mexican Bank of Foreign Trade (Dec. 17, 1993)

Agreement on Cooperation in Archeological Museums, Protection and Renovation of Cultural Relics (Dec. 17, 1993)

Memorandum of Understanding on Telecommunications Cooperation (Oct. 6, 1995)

Agreement on Cooperation in the Prohibition of Trafficking and Abusing of Psychiatric Drugs and Control of Precursor Chemicals (Nov. 22, 1996)

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Cooperation Agreement (Nov. 22, 1996)

Agreement on Mutual Exemption of Visas for Diplomatic and service Passports (Dec. 1, 1997)

Agreement on Academic Exchanges between Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Mexican State Commission of Science (Dec. 1, 1997)

Agreement on Sports Cooperation between the State Physical Culture and Sports Commission of China and Mexican Sports Commission (Dec. 1, 1997)

Exchange of Notes on Extension of Consular District of the Mexican Consulate General in Shanghai (Sept. 19, 2000)

Agreement on Cooperation between Chinese Supreme People's Procuratorate and Mexican Supreme Procuratorate (June 6, 2001)

(Chinese Foreign Ministry September 8, 2005)

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