Temple of Enlightenment (Dajuesi)
The Southern Cathedral (Nantang)
Temple of the Poor and the Wild Mulberry (Tanzhesi)
Temple of the Origin of the Dharma (Fayuansi)
Temple of the Ordination Altar (Jietaisi)
Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wofosi)
Miaoying Monastery and White Dagoba
Temple of the Azure Clouds (Biyunsi)
Temple of Great Charity (Guangjisi)
Ox Street Mosque
Dongsi Mosque
Yonghe Lamasery
Yellow Temple (Huangsi)
Five-Pagoda Temple (Wutasi)
Big Bell Temple (Dazhongsi)
Cypress Grove Temple (Bailinsi)
Temple of the God of Taishan Mountain (Dongyuemiao)
Temple of the Emperor's Safety (Sheng'ansi)
Temple of Wisdom Attained (Zhihuasi)
The Drum Tower and the Bell Tower
The Eight Great Temples in the Western Hills (Badachu)
White Cloud Temple (Baiyunguan)
Temple of Heavenly Peace (Tianningsi)

Principal Sites Around the Forbidden City
Major Historical Sites
Tales of Streets and Hutongs
Public Parks and Former Gardens
Places Commemorating Famous People
Museums, Schools and Cultural Institutions
Temples, Mosques and Churches
Scenic Spots on the Suburbs of Beijing
A General Survey of Beijing
Facilities and Infrastructure
Shopping, Eating and Accommodation
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