Imperial Historical Archives
Exhibition Hall of Ancient Astronomical Instruments
Beijing Museum of Natural History
Beijing Planetarium
Geological Museum
Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution
The Museum of Chinese History and the Museum of Chinese Revolution
Museum of Chinese Agriculture
Museum of Beijing Stone Inscription Art
Museum of Dabaotai Han Tomb
Beijing Arts and Crafts Museum
Inscription Collection, Palace Museum
Beijing Wax Museum
Beijing Art Museum
Museum of Chinese Science and Technology
Cultural Palace of Ethnic Communities
China Art Gallery
Beijing Library
Capital Museum
Capital Library
Library of the Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine
The Imperial College (Guozijian)
Beijing Concert Hall
Hall of Chinese Literature
Cinemas and Theaters in Beijing
Beijing University
Qinghua University
University of Ethnic Communities

Principal Sites Around the Forbidden City
Major Historical Sites
Tales of Streets and Hutongs
Public Parks and Former Gardens
Places Commemorating Famous People
Museums, Schools and Cultural Institutions
Temples, Mosques and Churches
Scenic Spots on the Suburbs of Beijing
A General Survey of Beijing
Facilities and Infrastructure
Shopping, Eating and Accommodation
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