Front Zhaojialou Lane

Zhaojialou gained notoriety during the May 4th Movement for the slogan " Raze Zhaojialou." This refers to the residence of Cao Rulin at 3 Front Zhaojialou Lane in the East City District. Cao Rulin was viceminister of Foreign Affairs of the Northern Government, and an important member of the proJapanese clique. In 1915, he took Yuan Shikai's orders and signed the infamous " 21 Demands" treaty with Japan.

Front Zhaojialou Lane at that time was close to the eastern part of the city wall. Cao Rulin's residence was a traditional Beijingstyle foursided compound, enclosed on all sides by a wall. On May 4, 1919, patriotic students attacked the Cao residence. The roof tiles were first knocked off with bamboo poles. The students then crawled through the front windows, as the heavy front door was locked with an iron bolt.

There are now 11 households on Front Zhaojialou Lane. The original Cao residence is gone, replaced by two fourand fivestory buildings of a guesthouse.

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