Shuangxiu (Double Elegant) Park

Shuangxiu Park was built jointly buy China and Japan. There are actually two gardens in one park: Huifang Garden and Cuishi Garden. The park covers an area of 64,000 square meters only, but the design is unlike that of traditional Chinese gardens.

Fountains and colored lights create the look of a dragon palace. The water spray from one fountain forms a clock, which tells the correct time.

In the gardens like those south of the Yangtze River, a winding corridor is carved into a beautiful mosaic.

Cuishi (Emerald Green) Garden, at the northeast corner, is designed by Japanese artists with a small waterfall, lake and a huge stone that looks like a tiger. Materials were donated by the Japanese.

In the heart of the lake on the island, there are two sculptures: a crane and a turtle. For the Japanese, they signify good luck and happiness; in China they are the symbol of longevity.

Address: Northwest Third Ring Road, Xicheng District;

Entry ticket: 0.2 yuan;

Traffic: Bus No.s 16,22,300,302,315,331,345,367 and 387;

Tel: 86-10-62011695 


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