The Tomb of Li Dazhao

The Wan' an (Eternal Peace) Cemetery is situated on the foot of Jade Spring Mountain, 15 kilometers from Beijing. Here, under the shade of groves of pine trees, lies Li Dazhao, a leader of the Chinese revolution, one of the main promoters of the May 4th Movement, and a founder of the Chinese Communist Party.

To the north the tomb is overshadowed by undulating ridges and peals which form a natural screen. To the south, the flat fertile plains of the Beijing suburbs stretch away into the distance.

The tomb is in the southern part of the cemetery and is constructed of concrete. Before it stands a white marble tablet, one meter square, on which six Chinese characters are engraved, "The Tomb of Mr. Li Dazhao," in the calligraphy of Liu Bannong, a noted scholar of the May 4th Movement period.

From 1916, when Li published the first issue of the Morning Bell Journal in Beijing, until his death buy hanging in April 1927, Li Dazhao devoted his life to the service of his country.

Li left behind a corpus of over 350 writings which were praised by Lu Xun as "the legacy of a pioneer, a monument of revolutionary history."

Address: No.1, Wan'anli, Xiangshan, Haidian District;

Entry ticket: free of charge;

Traffic: Bus No.s 331, 333, 360, 714, 733 and 904;

Tel: 86-10-62591044.


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