Capital Museum

The Capital Museum, located on the grounds of the Confucian temple on Guozijian Street southeast of Andingmen (Peace and Stability) Gate, was opened to the public on October 1,1981. The permanent "Brief History of Beijing" exhibition traces Beijing's 3,000-year history with a display of more than 1,000 objects.

The exhibition presents the city's history in six sections: ⑴ The development of an organized community from ancient settlements; ⑵ Historical remains of the former cites of Yan and Ji; ⑶Gradual development as an important northern center; ⑷ The capital of half of China during the Liao and Jin dynasties; ⑸ The world renowned Yuan Dynasty capital of Dadu; ⑹ The political center of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

The majority of the objects on display wee unearthed in the Beijing area by archeological workers or donated to the museum by local citizens. The archeological treasures include a Shang Dynasty bronze wine vessel decorated with three rams; a Western Zhou bronze tripod; and a bronze ox cast during the Tang Dynasty. Other ancient pieces include an earthenware teapot from the Spring and Autumn Period; a gilded Buddha inlaid with turquoise from the Yuan Dynasty; a Ming blue and white lotus plate; and a Qing Dynasty folding fan with an ivory handle inlaid with precious stones and a tiny watch.

A separate exhibition at he Capital Museum commemorates Comrade Li Dazhao. As a herald of communism in China, Li was active in many revolutionary activities carried out in Beijing. The exhibition traces Li Dazhao's life in great detail through photographs, letters, publications and a number of personal effects collected after his death.

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