The News Industry

Below is a brief introduction to new services in Beijing.

I. Newspapers

People's Daily is the official organ of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party. Published seven days a week, the paper covers pages of newsprint in folio; domestic and international news, economic construction and daily life, theory and works on political and economic philosophy, literature and art and revolutionary recollections.

Editorials expound and explain policies set forth by the Party and are used for political study.

China Daily, printed in English, was established on June 1, 1982 when relations between China and the outside world began their warming phase. Readership consists mostly of overseas Chinese, international travelers, foreign experts, foreign students, and Chinese intellectuals and college students.

Aside from domestic and international news, there is an international sports section and entertainment guide, covering cultural events in Beijing and around the country.

Guangming Daily is a national newspaper catering to China's intellectuals. This daily reports on science and technology, culture and education, health and medicine as well as domestic and international news. Weekly and bi-weekly academic periodicals include Philosophy History, Science, and Literature.

Worker's Daily, an official newspaper of All-China Federation of Trade Unions, covers the achievements, experiences and problems of economic construction. Stories on trade union activities and lives of the workers, letters, and popular literature are included.

China Youth Daily, an official newspaper of the Communist Youth League of China, works to educate youth to support the four modernizations.

Economic Daily was established in July 1978. It reports on public finance and economic work as well as the economic life of the people.

Chinese Children's News is a national paper for children aged 10-12 that emphasizes the communist spirit.

Liberation Army Daily, established in 1956, is the mouthpiece of the General Political Department of the People's Liberation Army (PLA). Its main readers are PLA soldiers and officers.

Peasants Daily, established in 1980, is a popular newspaper for Chinese farmers.

China Sports News, revived in 1988, is an official newspaper of he State Physical Culture and Sports Commission. Its predecessor, Sports News, was suspended in 1966 during the"cultural revolution."

Health News is a weekly paper about new achievements in health which introduces theories in the medical and health fields. Its main readers are medical and health personnel.

China Legal System, first published in 1980, is mainly concerned with spreading legal knowledge, and exchanging judicial experiences.

Beijing Daily is the mouthpiece of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese Communist Party. Its spread is much like that of People's Daily.

Beijing Evening news has been a popular newspaper since 1958. Shut down during the "cultural revolution,"it resumed publication again in 1980. The paper reports on local news, the demands of daily life, sports and entertainment.

II. News Agencies

Xinhua News Agency is China's national news service. Headquarters are located on West Xuanwumen Street in Beijing, with branches in Shanghai and Tianjin among other cities. It has correspondents in nearly 90 countries worldwide. News dispatches concerning major events in China and the World as well as achievements in China's construction are sent to various countries and regions in the world in Chinese, English, Russian, French, Spanish and Arabic.

China News Service reports on China's economic construction and introduces cultural and historical information about China to overseas Chinese.

III. Radio and Television Stations

The Central People's Broadcasting Station, Beijing People's Broadcasting Station, Radio Beijing, China Central Television, and Beijing Television Station are all located in Beijing. Besides reporting domestic and world news, they broadcast educational and entertainment programs.

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