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Flood FAQ
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Coping After a Flood

  • Do open your doors and windows to ventilate your home. It takes a brick about an inch a month to dry out. Do take care to ensure your house is secure. Remember to unblock airbricks and doorways.

  • Do wash your hands with disinfectant if you come into contact with the water directly. Watch out for any broken glass or nails while you are clearing up.

  • Do check in Yellow Pages under Flood Damage for suppliers of cleaning materials or equipment to dry out your property.

  • Do wash taps and run them for a few minutes before use. Mains tap water should not be contaminated but check with your local water company if you are concerned.

  • Don't attempt to operate any damaged electrical goods until they have been checked by a certified electrical engineer. Floodwater conducts electricity.

  • Don't attempt to operate any gas appliances until a certified gas engineer has checked them. Be careful with naked flames. Gas pockets, oil and other contaminants can build up in and around floodwater.

  • Don't eat food that has come into contact with the water - floodwater contains sewage and other contaminants.

  • Don't walk through fast flowing water in the home or outside - floodwater can be fast moving. Just six inches of water can knock you off your feet. Be careful of holes and dips when moving around. Use a stick to gauge depth.

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