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- Legislators Set for 3rd Reading of Draft Labor Law
- Amendment to Energy Conservation Law to Complete
- Cross-sector Competition Law Backed in HK
- NPC Adopts Landmark Property Law
- Enterprise Income Tax Law Adopted
- Explanation on Draft Enterprise Income Tax Law
- Explanation on Draft Property Law
- NPC Reviews Major Property, Corporate Income Tax Legislation
- Environmental Law Set for Update
- Lawmaker: Amend Criminal Law to Punish Same-sex Sexual Assaults
- NPC Set to Review New Laws
- Lawmakers Deliberate Draft Law on Employment Promotion
- Top Legislature Year End Review
- Law to Highlight Corporate Reserves
- Not Enough Parking Space in Beijing: Vice Mayor
- Revised Law on Protection of Minors Agreed
- Property Law Aims to Remove Unequal Protection
- China's First Passport Law Comes into Effect
- China Developing Law to Recognize, Boost Volunteerism
- Shaanxi Crackdowns on Sexual Harassment
- China Enshrines Energy Conservation Fund in Law
- China Enshrines Energy Conservation Fund in Law
- First Energy Law to Be Outlined
- Basic Energy Law to Be Outlined Soon
- China Drafts Law on Circular Economy
- Farming Cooperatives Granted Legal Status
- Revised Law Allows Banking Watchdogs More Supervision Power
- Law Widens Definition of Money Laundering
- China Changes Law to Limit Death Sentence
- China Procurator Suggests Including Sex Services as Bribery
- Death Penalty Reform Boosts Human Rights
- China Enhances State Assets Protection
- Provincial Courts to Lose Death Sentence Rights
- Banking Watchdogs May Get Greater Investigative Power
- Bill on HK Customs Office on Mainland Tops Legislative Agenda
- Legislators Call for Law on Traditional Chinese Medicine
- Draft Property Law Tabled in Legislature
- Draft Corporate Tax Law to Be Tabled Soon
- Court Rules Improve Penalty Application
- Draft law to Support Aero-leasing Industry
- Police Not Allowed to Cuff The Drunk
- Law Ensures Migrant Workers' Children of Education Right
- New Rules to Regulate A Range of Issues
- Schools Banned from Expelling Students
- Law Enhancing Legislators' Supervisory Powers Adopted
- China's Legislature Adopts Corporate Bankruptcy Law
- Minors Face Ban from Internet Cafes
- Improper Prescription of Narcotics to Be Heavily Fined
- China to Issue Regular Reports on Drug Control
- Draft Law Urges Protection of Drug Addicts
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