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Pick the right tea for you
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While tea has long been a favorite drink of the Chinese, in the last few years, quite a
few tea-flavored drinks are on the market. Supermarket statistics show that sales of Kangshifu Icy Black Tea, Green Tea or Afternoon Milk tea are far ahead of other drinks such as juice, water and bubble drinks. While it's wonderful to see the success of this traditional Chinese drink today, there are also concerns about choosing the right tea. Here's some information about tea.

Most tea related drinks are made by combining tea extracts with their original recipe, which leads to drinks like milk tea, and tea-flavored juice. A way of setting the good teas apart from the bad ones is the tea polyphenol content. National standards say the minimum tea polyphenol content for tea drinks is 600 milligrams per liter.

To pick the right tea, consumers need to know the tea first. Ordinary tea contains the following beneficial elements:

1 Alkaloid: It can help refresh the mind, boost the heart, eliminate toxins, relieve inflammation and get rid of hangover discomfort.

2 Tea polyphenol: It protects people from radioactive material, counter arteriosclerosis and activate capillaries.

3 Vitamins and fluoride: Various vitamins enhance the effect of alkaloid and tea polyphenol. Abundant fluoride is good for teeth.

4 Catechins: This antioxidant can do wonders to the skin by eliminating pigment residues.

Here's a list on how to choose among the different teas:

Different teas in different seasons

As the Chinese saying goes, "Green tea is for summer, black tea is for winter and oolong tea works all year around", people choose different teas for the various seasons.

Spring is the season for flower teas, which can lift the spirit from drowsiness. Winter is a season for black tea whose hot nature helps protect the body against winter chills.

Summer is a season for green tea. The cooling nature of this tea can counter summer heat, boost the heart and eliminate toxins. For those who prefer icy cold drinks and those who have a weak stomach, oolong tea is recommended over green tea. Barley tea is also a nice choice in summer as it can eliminate pigment residues on the skin.

Autumn is a dry season so it's good to pick qingcha tea, which is between black and green tea. Qingcha tea includes oolong and Tieguanyin, which can boost the secretion of saliva, improve the lungs and moisturize the skin.

Different teas at different times of the day

In the morning Green tea: Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, green tea can eliminate free radicals in the body and secrete anti-pressure hormones.

In the afternoon Chrysanthemum tea: It enhances the function of the liver and relieves the eyes. When combined with medlar or honey, chrysanthemum tea helps counter depression and anxiety.

In the evening Medlar tea: It's rich in Beta-Carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin C, calcium and iron, as well as enhances the liver and kidney functions.

When working overtime Cassia seed tea: It's good for the brain, liver, tendons and bones, as well as eyes. And if you suffer from constipation, have of a cup cassia seed tea after dinner. It's guaranteed to be effective.

After a big meal Pu'er tea: Most teas boost the metabolism of fat, and Pu'er it is the leader in this area. There are some beneficial elements in the tea to help burn the fat reserves in the stomach.

Different teas for different people

Office workers: Chrysanthemum tea and green tea
Sport lovers: Oolong tea and black tea
Those averse to sports: Green tea and flower teas
Those exposed to heavy air pollution: Green tea
Smokers and drinkers: Green tea
Meat lovers: Oolong tea
Those suffering constipation: Honey tea
Those wanting to lose fat: Oolong tea, Pu'er tea and green tea
Those with a weak spleen and stomach: Oolong tea and flower teas
Those hoping for longevity: Oolong tea and black tea

(China Daily November 13, 2007)



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