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Supplement by US Soldiers to 'US Human Rights Report'

As known to everybody, the US State Department is very good at framing up the "Human Rights Report" of other countries (abbrev. as Report). Although the Report is in great detail, the State Department still feels not enough to express itself and whenever it is going to be published, officials are sure to be sent for its explanation in detail for fear that it is not appropriate or cut to the point.


A report in such a big detail should normally have nothing to be left out. But whoever in this world read the report will come to find out that a big "chunk" has been "neglected" in each and every report, namely the missing of the report on the US human rights. With regard to this, many American people are not satisfied, saying that "why the government failed to speak of itself?"


Don't worry! The American soldiers have done a fine job. They've made up the part with actions that the US State Department has left out in the "Report". The prisoner abuse taking place in the Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq serves a fine example. The supplementary report made by the US soldiers with thousands of pictures, videotapes and notes jotted down according to their oral accounts is far more wonderful and persuasive than the "Report" elaborated by the US State Department. Judging from the present media reports the supplementary contents are still on the increase. From the US soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Guantanamo Base the contents supplied by them are getting richer and richer.


However, the worldly known prisoner abuse is by no means all. What's more attractive is the latest additional piece, i.e. the US racial discrimination and sabotage of religious belief. According to the US military investigators, what is in vogue among the US prisoner-abuse soldiers in Iraq is their serious racial discrimination. They hold a view quite extensively that the Muslim is terrorism. An American soldier for training and using the military dog said, " Even the dog feels disagreeable to these Iraqis for their features and bodily smells." Some other reports say the US soldiers force the Iraqi prisoners to drink wine and have pork.


"This obviously goes against the Islamic doctrines and creeds." It is not only a prisoner-abuse but also a blasphemy of religion. Is it the US that is gesticulating everywhere, reprimanding others about their "discrimination of ethnic minorities" and "violation of or calling a halt to religious belief"? The examples mentioned above indicate that the US has acted even worse than others have in the record of human rights. In addition to all this, while the US soldiers are humiliating and maltreating the prisoners in foreign countries they've even gone further in putting them to death by way of beating, strangling and choking. At present the Pentagon has recognized there were at least 37 people in Iraq and Afghanistan who had been put to such a tragic death. The US has been nagging about the "human rights" and "humanitarianism" day in and day out. How could it be so forgettable that it has even left out from its human rights report content of such a great importance?


Of course, what the US soldiers did could only serve as "a modest spur for bringing about greater contributions". Recently the US media including newspapers, major and minor, broadcasting and TV and even the court hearings are all helping the US State Department make up the left out materials and even the whole world is helping it to make complete the US human rights report. As is expected, the supplementary contents will turn out to be on an increase ceaselessly and become richer and richer as time goes on.


Some say the human rights record as shown in the prisoner abuse in Iraq is only a small piece of an ice-mountain. Actually the record of human rights in the US is attracting more and more attention of the people in the world. How the US has done in this respect? Everybody in the world has a clear account of it in his or her mind. A thing you did but omitted in your report is still yours and wouldn't go to others. If you write something in your report that does not fit for others, others won't take it. For this we should offer a piece of advice that the US State Department has to make a change.


(People’s Daily May 25, 2004)


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