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The Shenzhou Spacecraft ********

· Orbital Module of Shenzhou V Successfully Completes Its Space Flight
· Coins Marking First Manned Spaceflight Issued
· Shenzhou Spacecraft Goes on Display in Beijing
· Experts Honored for Contribution to Manned Space
· Shenzhou VI Likely to Carry 2 Astronauts: Chief Designer
· Delegation of China's Manned Space Mission Ends Macao Visit
· Macao's Fever for China's First Astronaut Propels Donations to Space Tech
· HK, Macao Contribute to Mainland Space Development
· Number of Astronauts on Shenzhou-6 Undecided
· China Hopes to Have Own Space Station Within 10 Years
· Next Manned Space Launch Will Carry 3
· The Next Great Leap After Shenzhou V
· Delegation of China's First Manned Space Mission to Visit HK   
· Young Space Elite Emerges from Manned Space Program: Experts
· Shenzhou V Re-entry Module on Show
· Businessmen Cash in on Country's First Manned Space Mission
· Evening Party Held to Mark Successful Space Launch
· More Foreign Leaders Congratulate China on Manned Spaceflight
· Why China Chose to Develop Spaceship Instead of Space Shuttle?
· Memorable 21 Hours in Outer Space
· Chinese Astronaut Took 'Electronic Secretary' to Space
· Secret 'Cargo' on Shenzhou V Revealed
· Chief Designer on Shenzhou V Achievements
· China's Success of Manned Spaceflight Encourages Developing World
· More Foreign Leaders Congratulate China on Manned Space Flight
· Manned Space Program Significant for China: Chief Designer
· From A-bomb to Shenzhou V
· Quick Review of Shenzhou V Mission
· Eyes on the Skies
· EU Hails China's 1st Manned Space Flight
· UN Chief Congratulates China's Successful Manned Space Flight
· China Stresses Peaceful Utilization of Outer Space
· Chinese Spaceship Has Own Features
· China Declares Manned Space Mission Successful
· Crop Seeds from Taiwan Aboard Shenzhou V
· Macao Chief Executive Congratulates Motherland on Breakthrough in Space Technology
· HK Chief Executive's Congratulation on Shenzhou V Successful Launch
· China to Launch Shenzhou VI in One or Two Years
· HK Issues Stamps Commemorating China's Manned Space Mission
· 18 Billion Yuan Allocated for Manned Space Program
· Jiang Zemin Hails Shenzhou V Success
· World Leaders Congratulate China's Space Mission Success
· Control of Shenzhou V Highly Automatic, Mission Officer
· China Sets up Three-step Space Program: Officer
· Details About Courses Running up to 1st Manned Spaceflight
· Shenzhou to Commute Between Earth, Outerspace
· Shenzhou V: Largest of Its Kind in World
· NASA Applauds China Space Launch
· Spacecraft Enters China's Territorial Air Space
· China's Spacecraft Returns Soon
· S. Africa Congratulates China on Launch of Manned Spacecraft
· Macao Compatriots Upbeat for China's First Manned Spacecraft Launch
· UN Chief Hails China's Maiden Manned Mission into Space
· World Media Highly Evaluates China's First Manned Spaceflight
· HK Chief Executive Applauds Launch of Shenzhou-5 Spacecraft
· France Hails China's Successful Launch of Manned Spacecraft
· China Greets World from Space
· Successful Manned Spaceship Launch: a Pride of Chinese Nation
· National Flag Shines in Space
· Chinese Watch First Manned Space Launch with Keen Interest
· Ukraine Congratulates China on Launch of Manned Spacecraft
· Shenzhou V Completes Orbit Shift
· Shenzhou V Launch: China's Long-Cherished Dream Realized
· Orbiting Spacecraft Works Under Directions from Command Center
· Manned Spaceship Equipped with 52 Engines
· Life Conditions in Shenzhou V 'About the Same As on Earth': Expert
· Rescue Vessels Return Following Shenzhou Launch Success
· Search for Rocket's 'Black Box" Under Way
· Quotable Quotes in China's First Manned Spaceflight
· US Congratulates on China for Space Milestone
· Shenzhou V Carrier Rocket Adopts 55 New Technologies
· 13 Monitoring Stations to Ensure Successful Manned Spaceflight
· President Hu Hails Successful Launch of Shenzhou V
· Shenzhou V Launch Successful
· China's First Manned Spacecraft Blasts off
· Three Vie to Be First 'Taikonaut'
· Shenzhou V to Fly Wednesday at Earliest
· Manned Space Program Aims to Use Space Resources
· Space Launch Timing Is Like a Chess Match
· Space Not Far from Ordinary Chinese

· Chronology of Space Program
· Satellite Launch Centers
· Space Industry of China
· Four Unmanned Spaceflights

Yang Liwei gets a warm welcome from 150 students from Taiwan at the China Space Center on February 7, 2004
The Shenzhou V capsule attracts a flock of visitors at the Fifth Shanghai International Industry Fair
Hong Kong Greets Taikonaut
Exhibition Triggers Space Fever

· China National Space Administration
· Chinese Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology
· China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation
· China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation
· China's Space Activities

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