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Quick Review of Shenzhou V Mission

This following is a chronicle of the launch and recovery of Shenzhou V, China's first manned spacecraft.



17:29 China's First astronaut team met journalists




05:28 The expedition ceremony was held in front of the astronauts' apartments. President Hu Jintao made an important speech.


05:30 Astronaut Yang Liwei set out for the launch pad in a special car, escorted by five motorcyclists.


09:00 Shenzhou V blasted off successfully from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.


09:10 The spacecraft was separated from its carrier rocket.


09:10 Shenzhou V moved into the preset orbit.


09:34 Yang Liwei reported to Beijing from the outer space, saying he "feel good".


09:42 Li Jinai, director-general of China's manned space program, announced the successful launch of Shenzhou V. President Hu Jintao delivered an important speech after Li Jinai's announcement.


10:31 Astronaut Yang Liwei executed the order from the ground, picking off his gloves and undoing the string tied under his knees


11:08 The big screen in the great hall of Beijing Aerospace Command & Control Center showed that Yang Liwei began to have his meal in space.


11:12--14:15 Yang had its first rest in space.


13:02 Shenzhou V in the 3rd orbiting around Earth.


13:39 Shenzhou V in the 4th orbiting around Earth. Yang, lying on his back, was writing the recorder of spaceflight.


15:28 Shenzhou V in the 5th orbiting around Earth.


15:57 The spacecraft successfully completed its orbit shift, according to the report from astronaut Yang and the monitor on the ground.


16:50 Shenzhou V in the 6th orbiting around Earth


17:05 The big screen in the great hall of Beijing Aerospace Command & Control Center showed the picture of Earth taken by astronaut Yang from the porthole of Shenzhou V, which was very clear.


17:30 Vice-chairman of the CPC Central Military Commission and Defense Minister Cao Gangchuan began his real-time talk with Yang in Beijing Aerospace Command & Control Center.


18:24 Shenzhou V in the 7th orbiting around Earth.


19:57 Shenzhou V in the 8th orbiting around Earth.


20:00 Astronaut Yang called his family in Beijing from space.


21:31 Shenzhou V in the 9th orbiting around Earth.


23:08 Shenzhou V in the10th orbiting around Earth.




00:18 Shenzhou V in the 11th orbiting around Earth and Yang had fallen into sleep in the quite space.


01:17 Shenzhou V in the 12th orbiting around Earth, and the monitor spots reported to Beijing that the monitoring was normal.


02:52 Shenzhou V in the 13th orbiting around Earth and astronaut Yang reported that he felt good.


04:19 Shenzhou V in the 14th orbiting around Earth, and according to the plan, the spacecraft will land at the pre-set area.


04:34 Shenzhou V flied over China for the 13th times! The condition of the spacecraft was normal, and the control center and the monitoring sites worked well. Astronaut Yang began the preparatory work for landing.


05:04 When Shenzhou V flied over the South Atlantic Ocean, the space tracking ship "Yuanwang 3", who was stationed there ten days ago, caught it immediately and sent order to it of position shifting and breaking for return.


05:35 Beijing Aerospace Command & Control Center successfully issued the order of re-entry to Shenzhou V.


05:36 The re-entry module separated from the orbital module successfully. The re-entry and the propulsion modules kept descending in orbital height, returning to the preset landing site. The orbital module will stay in the orbit for six months, conducting related scientific experiments.


05:38 The retros were ignited to slowdown the re-entry.


05:44 Astronaut Yang reported to the ground that the spacecraft was operating normally.


05:59 The re-entry module jettisoned the propulsion module.


06:00 the re-entry module entered the territorial space of China.


06:04 The module was in the "black-out" zone, when it entered the atmosphere.


06:06 Ground control center talked again with Yang, who said he was of good physical condition.


06:07 Rescue helicopters received signals from the re-entry module to identify the landing point.


06:08 The main recovery switch was turned on.


06:11 The re-entry module shot out parachute.


06:12 Yang reported to the ground again good physical condition.


06:13 Yang reported again normal operation.


06:14 The re-entry module ignited before landing, the ground command center ordered Yang to drop the heat-prevention layer at the bottom of the module. Yang reported "feel hot".


06:16 The main parachute of the re-entry module in normal operation, the ground kept talking with Yang.


06:22 Five rescue helicopters in normal work.


06:23 The re-entry module landed at the preset site.


06:24 A helicopter spotted the main parachute of the re-entry module.


06:25 The parachute dropped off.


06:26 Rescue vehicles set out.


06:27 "Recovery No 3", a team of rescuers reported they found the re-entry module 7.05 kilometers away.


06:30 "Recovery No.3" talked with Yang by short wave.


06:31 Premier Wen Jiabao talked with Yang, congratulating his smooth return. Wen said "the motherland and people express thanks for you!"


06:33 Rescue helicopter found the re-entry module landed in grass, and began rescue work immediately, technical staff opened the re-entry module.


06:38 Rescuers reported "Yang in good physical condition". Yang walked out of the module by himself, and waved to the crowd. the command center declared the success of China's first manned space flight!


(People' Daily October 17, 2003)


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