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· China's 1st homemade navigation chip unveiled
· Police seize 7 illegal DVD production lines
· China investigates 'contaminated eel' exporter
· 2nd west-to-east gas pipeline project launched
· Visitors to Olympics urged to get permits
· Explore extending weather forecast 10-30 days ahead
· Japan firms blamed for stuffed buns contamination
· China to hear largest fake receipts case
· Second human bird flu fatality in Feb.
· ATM 'thief' back in court
· Sinopec denies US$8.4b share sale plan
· Rice to visit China
· Huawei down, not out, in acquisition bid on US firm
· Terms reiterated for Vatican ties
· Chang'e I survives its darkest hour

· Sex photos a hot buy in Guangzhou
· China asks US for satellite shoot-down data
· China saw 80 million less farmers 1996-2006
· National police clamp as sex photos spread
· Olympians banned from bringing food into Village
· China warned of severe sandstorms, droughts
· Miliband: Boycotts of Olympics are not the right path
· China denies US steel energy subsidy report
· Police to probe dumpling case in Japan
· Strategic talks to precede Hu's visit to Japan
· China hope against slowdown
· Legendary rock's demolishment sparks controversy
· Power suppliers given deadline
· Pudong Development Bank comfirms share sale
· New tax threshold questioned

· China tightens M&A rules for listed companies
· Wu Bangguo meets Japanese guests
· Fish to Japan free of pesticide: exporter
· Foreign cartoons banned from prime time
· China to send peacekeepers to Kosovo
· AIDS prevention policy for gay population
· Measures taken to protect farmers
· Policeman shoots forestry official in head
· 10 arrested for trading sex pics of HK stars
· China, EU leading 3rd Industrial Revolution
· China appoints intangible cultural inheritors
· China, Japan to hold 8th strategic dialogue
· Diabetes becoming 'major problem'
· UN resolution is 'legal basis' for Kosovo issue
· New approach to patent trials

· Relocated Beijingers were not 'forced out'
· Tax rise for diesel, naphtha
· China zoo animals 'go digital'
· Sex-balance challenge for Shandong officials
· CPI hits 11-year high
· China vows to support UN on Myanmar
· Forestry industry loses 57.3 bln yuan in winter storm
· Boom year for space launches
· Baidu asked to apologize over sex pics
· Hebei iron mine explosion kills 24, injures 5
· Iron ore costs may increase by 65%
· Harry Potter avoids ban on horror products
· Taiwan has no right to 'recognize' Kosovo's independence
· FDI doubles despite tax concerns
· HK comedian Fei Fei died of cancer

· Hill in Beijing to push denuclearization process
· Firm to recreate Old Summer Palace
· China confirms new human bird flu case
· Freeway accident kills 15, injures 25
· 2 terrorists killed, 15 arrested in Xinjiang
· Vaccination drive boosted to 15 diseases
· Army steps up anti-terror training for Olympics
· 10 missing after boat sinks off east China
· Kunming Daily prints senior officials' numbers
· China, ROK confer over rash investment exodus
· China 'deeply concerned' over Kosovo independence
· Snow blocks highways in Yunnan
· 26 Chinese rescued off Philippine coast
· Producer prices rise at fastest pace in 3 years
· Chinese berate yet admire Spielberg

May 15-17, Shanghai Women's Forum Asia
Dec. 12-13 Beijing China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue
Nov. 27-28 Beijing China-EU Summit

A princess re-born
To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Puccini's birth, the newly-open China's National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA, also known as National Grand Theater) and Ricordi have commissioned Hao to write the first "Chinese edition" of Turandot which will premiere at the NCPA on March 21 through 26.
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