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Q: What Is the Meaning of the Olympic Rings?
A: The five rings represent the five continents. They are interlaced to show the universality of Olympism and the meeting of the athletes of the whole world during the Olympic Games.
Q: What Is the Olympic Motto?
A: The Olympic motto is made up of three Latin words: Citius -Altius - Fortius. These words mean Faster - Higher - Stronger.
Q: Why Do the Olympiad Take Place Every Four Years?
A: To respect the ancient origins of the Games. At that time, sports competitions were organized in Olympia and were named after their location, i.e. Olympic Games. These Games were held at the same place every four years.
Q: How to Purchase Olympic Tickets in Each Phase?
A: Olympic ticket sales are conducted in three phases, with multiple purchasing methods available in each phase. Phase 1 starts in April 2007, and ends on June 30th, 2007. This phase is only for the submission of ticket applications.
Q: What Is the Electrical Fitting in China?
A: If you are planning on using a foreign electrical device in China you may need a plug-in adaptor and a voltage converter. Electrical current in China is 220V and 50Hz AC. To choose the proper voltage converter first check the labeling of your electrical device(s) to find out the voltage and wattage.
Q: How Can I Sign Up as a Volunteer During Beijing 2008 Olympics?
A: The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) launched recruitment drives for volunteers coming from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, the overseas Chinese diaspora and from foreigners around the world on March 28, 2007.
Q: How Much RMB or Foreign Currency Can Be Physically Carried Out of or Into China?
A: According to the Administrative Rules of the People's Republic of China on Cross-Border Transportation of National Currency issued by China's central bank in December 2004, travelers are allowed to take up to US$5,000 equivalent of foreign currency and 20,000 yuan of local currency (US$1=7.7 yuan) into or out of the country.
Q: Can I Find Delicacies from Minorities in Beijing or Shanghai?
A: Yes. There are 55 minorities in all in China. Things we talk most frequently are their delicacies made by unique methods, especially the household foods from southern minorities, they are very popular among Beijing and Shanghai.
Q: Where Can I Find Siheyuan-style Hotel to Stay in Beijing?
A: Having a big front yard and quiet back yard, Haoyuan is a typical Siheyuan. In the front yard there is stone chair under a giant tree.
Q: Do Foreigners Need a Drive Permit to Drive in China?
A: Yes. Foreigners who have a driving license issued by their home countries can apply for a temporary driving license and drive in China.
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