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Q: Bookstores in Beijing and Shanghai
A: For the native English speaker, one of the drawbacks of living or traveling in a foreign country for any extended period is finding a good English bookstore where one can stock up for those long train rides or nights.
Q: Beijing: Where to SPA?
A: To escape the hustle and bustle of city life, you don't have to drive out to the suburbs. You might be able to find all you need right next door. Hiding amid the towering city buildings there are some top-class spas that provide clients with a soothing, pleasant get-away from the daily pressure.
Q: Where to Eat Hot Pot in Beijing?
A: Hot pot restaurants are especially popular during the winter season when the city cools down and diners are looking for a nice hot meal. For newcomers to this style of eating, ordering at hot pot restaurants can be a little tricky, as finding the best mixture of meats and vegetables is developed through experience.
Q: What Do I Need to Know About Using a Mobile Phone in China?
A: Most big cities like Beijing and Shanghai possess an advanced telecom infrastructure. The mobile network is very extensive. Signals can even be found in the metro and in many elevators. Both GSM and CDMA cell phones have networks.
Q: How to Make Domestic Long-distance and International Calls with IP Cards?
A: You can't just simply pick up a phone in the city and call home. You need to buy an IP card. They're cheap and widely available at grocery stores and post offices. Usually, you can use IP cards through fix-lined phones and cell-phones.
Q: How to See a Doctor in China?
A: The first thing you should know about local medical services is the emergency call number. You can dial 120 from anywhere. An ambulance will normally arrive in a few minutes but traffic conditions can cause delays.
Q: What Do I Need to Know About Exchanging Money in China?
A: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When you visit China you should have enough yuan -- China's official currency -- for daily expenses, rent, food, clothes and incidentals. Some people will say US dollars are accepted by businesses. But it won't be convenient for you to live your life depending on US dollars.
Q: Where to Eat Vegetarian Food in China?
A: Here, you may find our recommended vegetarian restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.
Q: How to Export Cultural Relics?
A: The Chinese government applies strict control over the export of cultural relics. If you want to legally take out cultural relics acquired in China but are not certain about whether it is allowed by the Chinese government, we recommend that you consult the Beijing Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau.
Q: How to Bargain in Beijing?
A: Bargaining is the rule here in Beijing, at least, this is the case at many markets and street-level clothes stalls. The tips here are Beijing specific but may help you anywhere in the world where bargaining is practiced.
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